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About us

At Made Simple Web Design we are passionate about our websites and have the

following aims and goals at the heart of our business.

 To produce top quality websites that you will be extremely proud of

 To charge affordable prices making our websites available to everyone

 To make the entire process as easy and simple as possible for you

We specialise in what are commonly referred to as “Brochure Websites”. They are called brochure websites because they

are similar in design to printed brochures. Most websites are of this style and they are perfectly suited to individuals and

small to medium size business’s who do not need to make regular changes to their websites and don’t need any of the

more technical facilities such as the ability to sell products online. With a brochure website you can tell potential new

customers all about your business and the services you offer, you can include pictures and logo’s, contact details, links to

your email address and other websites, etc. This very website you are currently looking at is a brochure website.

There are many advantages to this type of website including:-

 Quick to set up

 Cost effective

 No ongoing maintenance

 The easiest way to get your business on the Web

Is this type of website suitable for me ?

If you want a quick, easy, affordable website which looks great and will advertise your business and services to millions

of potential new customers, and you don’t need online shops, online payments, downloads, pop-ups, interactive forms,

animated graphics, regular updates etc, then YES this is the perfect type of site for you.

If you do need some or all of the above then you may need a more technical site. This will of course take longer and cost

a lot more to build, and will need regular updating which will either involve you in updating and maintaining the site

yourself or paying your website designers to do it for you.

If your choice is the simpler brochure style site or you are unsure of your needs please contact us. We will be delighted to

offer our advice and assistance.

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