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To discuss your website requirements please contact us

£50.00 - £100.00 per year

 Hosting Company Charges

£Free if you organise it yourself

 Our Charges

To make your finished website visible on the internet you will need to sign up to a web hosting company who will

provide the following 3 important items for you.

 Registering your website name (Called your Domain Name)

 Hosting your site (Making your site visible on the internet)

 Attaching an email package (So you can send and receive emails from your website)

The web hosting company will charge you an annual fee for their services. There are several web hosting

companies to choose from and as their charges and services can vary the hosting company charges detailed below

are an approximate guide only. However, the actual cost will not be significantly different that shown below.

Please Note !   You can either organise this part yourself or, if you prefer, we can organise it all for you.


In line with our aims of keeping everything simple, we keep our pricing

structure simple too. No hidden extras, just straightforward, no nonsense pricing.

There are 3 distinct stages to having a website which are as follows

 Producing your site

 Hosting your site

 Maintaining and updating your site

For full details and the costs involved for each of these stages simply click on the tabs below

Hosting Your Site





Made Simple Web DesignMade Simple Web DesignMade Simple Web DesignMade Simple Web Design

This is a typical annual charge which may vary

£30.00 Setup fee if we organise it for you

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