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Terms and conditions

Here are our standard terms and conditions that relate to the websites we create

Producing your website

1.1 The prices quoted in this website are for the production of a brochure style website containing the following features:-




Made Simple Web Design

(a) Pages

(b) Text

(c) Images

(d) Logo’s

(e) Contact Details

(f) Links

As many pages as you require.

What you want to say on each page of your site.

Photographs, clipart, scanned images, etc.

Your own logo plus any logo’s belonging to associated companies, trades and bodies.

Address, telephone numbers, email address etc.

Go direct to your email address or other websites by clicking on the links.

(g) Design

Every website is custom designed to your exact requirements.

1.2 The prices are inclusive of all production aspects of your website including:-

(a) Gathering information from you to design your site.

(b) Building your site.

(c) Showing you a draft copy of your site.

(d) Making changes to your draft site until you are completely happy with it.

(e) Uploading your site to the appropriate web server.

(f) Submitting your site to major search engines, currently Google, Bing and Yahoo.

(a) All information that you provide us with must be legal, truthful and honest.

(b) Any services that you advertise within your site must comply with current government legislation.

1.3 We build your site based on information that you provide us with. Information is accepted under the following conditions:-

(c) All images, logo’s etc must have any necessary permission granted to be used in your website.

(d) Any links to other websites must have any necessary permission granted to be included in your website.

Hosting your website

2.1 For your website to work you will need the services of a web hosting company who will provide you with the following:-

(a) Domain name

This is your website name and starts with www. and typically ends with .com or

(b) Web hosting

(c) Email package

This is the space on the internet where your site will be placed making it visible on the internet.

This enables you to send and receive emails from your website.

2.2 These 3 items will be registered to you by the web hosting company under the following conditions:-

(d) The web hosting company will charge you for these 3 items at the point of setup usually by card or pay pal via their website.

2.3  If you prefer, we can set these items up with a web hosting company on your behalf under the following conditions:-

(a) We will use our own choice of web hosting company unless you ask us to use a specific company.

(e) These 3 items will belong to you, not to us, and will therefore be your responsibility to set up and pay for.

(b) We will set up the items over the minimum time periods unless you ask us to do otherwise.

(c) We will choose the minimum size of packages suitable for your website unless you ask us to do otherwise.

(a) The web hosting company will ask you to choose how long each item is registered for, usually a minimum of 1 year.

(c) The web hosting company will offer a range of sizes for web hosting and email packages depending on your requirements.

(b) Your chosen domain name can only be registered to you if it is not already registered to someone else.

(d) We will advise you of the total cost due to the web hosting company for the items relating to your website.

(e) You will need to pay this amount to us before we complete the setup process for you.

(f) When we have received this amount we will pay the web hosting company on your behalf and complete the setup process.

3.1 A brochure website requires no ongoing maintenance. However, we do the following free of charge routine operations:-

(g) We will add our set up fees quoted in this website for organising this for you to your final invoice.

 Maintaining and updating your website

(a) We submit your site to major search engines, currently Google, Bing and Yahoo.

(b) We perform a monthly check on your site with the search engines to check your site’s performance in search results.

(c) We perform a monthly check on your site with the search engines to check your site for errors.

(c) Any further changes that you choose to make to your site are charged for in accordance with the prices quoted in this website.

3.2 We will make modifications, amendments and updates to your site provided you do not do so yourself as detailed below:-

(a) Whilst your site is being created all changes are made free of charge until you are completely happy with your website.

(b) Any problems highlighted to us during our routine site checks mentioned in 3.1above will be dealt with free of charge.

3.3 You will be notified when your domain name, web hosting and email packages are due to expire. The options are as follows:-

(a) Renew the items yourself with the web hosting company before the notified expiry dates or your site will stop working.

(b) If you prefer we can handle the renewals for you subject to our standard set up charges quoted in this website.

(c) If you prefer us to handle your renewals you must let us know as soon as you receive your renewal notices.

 General terms and conditions

5.1 Made Simple Web Design accepts no responsibility for the following:-

(b) Any services that you advertise within your website.

(d) Any errors or omissions that remain in your website following your approval of the draft site.

2.4  The web hosting company will send you various passwords for these items, usually by email to an existing email address:-

(a) If these items are emailed to you they will need to be forwarded to us in order for us to complete your website.

(b) If they are emailed to us we will forward them to you once your website is complete.

(c) We reserve the right to modify any passwords whilst we are creating your website.

(d) We will ensure we send you any modified passwords once your website is completed.

(e) We recommend that you do not modify any passwords yourself as we will be unable to make any changes to your website.

(c) Any breaches of copyright due to the inclusion in your website materials that you do not have permission to use.

(a) The content that you have asked us to include in your website.


4.1 Upon completion of your website we will invoice you for the total cost due to us. This will be due for payment as follows:-

(a) Unless otherwise arranged, full payment is due within 7 days of the invoice date.

(b) Payment should be made in accordance with the details on the invoice.

(c) We reserve the right to charge a £10 administration fee plus any related bank charges if a payment is returned by the bank.

(d) We reserve the right to charge a £10 administration fee in the event that payment is not received by the due date.

(e) We reserve the right to take down your website in the event of non payment of your invoice.

(e) Any modifications that you may make to the website yourself.

Using our website design services signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions


7.1 The content of your website is subject to copyright under the following terms:-

(a) Upon payment of your invoice any rights that may belong to us for the design of your site are automatically transferred to you.

(b) You will then have sole ownership of the copyright relating to your website with the exception of items mentioned in 7.1(c)

(c) Images, logo’s, etc belonging to third parties included in your website remain the property of their respective owners.

(d) Third party items are included under agreement or license from their respective owners as specified in 1.3 (c)

(e) We will place a copyright statement onto your website to indicate your ownership of copyright.





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 Search engine results

6.1 From the time your website is uploaded to the internet it will appear in search results as detailed below:-

(a) If your complete website address is entered your site will be found immediately.

(b) General searches such as your company name, your style of business in your location etc will appear as detailed below.

(c) For the first few days or even weeks your site may not appear at all. It takes time for search engines to recognise a new website.

(d) Once your site is recognised it will appear in search results. Its position in those results will vary according to 6.1 (e)

(e) How unique your name or business is, how busy your site is, links to/from your site, what has actually been searched for, etc.

(f) We set up your site to perform as well as possible in search engine results but cannot guarantee its position in any search.

(g) If your position in search results is vital to your business we recommend “Search Engine Optimisation” Ask us for details.

©   All rights in this website and its content are owned by Made Simple Web Design. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, download, post, broadcast or transmit any

text, images, graphic, logo, button, icon, image and their selection and arrangement thereof, and any underlying source code and software, for any commercial or

public purpose without prior written permission from Made Simple Web Design.

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